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 We are Western Canada’s largest buyers and sellers of rare paper money and deal in millions of dollars worth of transactions every year. We buy and sell rare coins, paper money, TCG cards, and other collectible items. However, unlike other collectibles dealers, we also offer many services for our clients:

Other services




We are 1 of only 4 PMG, NGC and PCGS authorized dealers in all of Canada.

We assist you in submitting your collectibles for grading. Additionally, we are members of PSA and CGC and are consistently sending submissions to them

We are North America's fastest-growing auction house. We hold monthly auctions up to six-figure bids and bi-yearly auctions with bids in the millions. We live-stream our auctions through video while offering phone, email, online and live bidding

If a collector is attempting to assemble a set or series of Coins, banknotes, or TCG cards. We can help locate the missing items

and or give consultations about the buy and sell price to draw clients away from purchasing overpriced and over graded examples.


There are many reasons to consign with us.

  • First, we offer competitive auction consignments rates. With simple contracts and generous cash advances on items consigned, consigning with us has no hidden cost. Consigning with us will be a quick and simple process.

  • Second, our auctions also attract hundreds of regular bidders, with more being added through our aggressive marketing. We provide the best marketing in the industry. Every year we spend tens of thousands of dollars to market our upcoming auctions. Additionally, we advertise our auctions on PMG, Canadian Coins news, icollector, and many other publications to get the most attention.

  • Third, we are experts in rare Canadian, Asian and world coins, paper money TCG, and sports cards. Boasting over 25 years of combined experience, we are unmatched premier specialists in Canadian and Asian rare coins and paper money. 

  • We provide in-depth item descriptions and high-resolution photos, so your items will always stand out to bidders.

  • We provide full security and insurance. Through our extensive insurance policy, all items shipped to us from anyone living in Canada and the US are automatically insured for a maximum of $20,000 CAD. All items in our office are insured for full market value. Our office security includes multiple lock doors, security cameras and silent alarms. 

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 We are constantly looking to purchase rare paper money, coins, pokemon and sports cards. We offer competitive prices and upfront payment with no catches. We can pay by cash, cheque, draft, wire, E-Transfer, PayPal and other payment methods.

If you have an item that we are missing from our personal collection, we will gladly pay retail to purchase it.

From a single item to a lifelong collection, we have the expertise and financial resources to make a competitive offer of any size
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