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A father and son team with over 20 years combined experience buying and selling collectibles


Adem Karisik-President, founder and sole owner

At the age of 11 Adem started his journey into collecting rare coins, after discovering a silver dollar collecting left from his grandfather. His endeavour of collecting rare coins led him into buying and selling collectables.

 After graduating Prince of Wales high school in 2019 he decided to move into the collectables market full time. In mid 2020 he decided to make a drastic move by founding Karisik Auction Galleries. He is a world class specialist in rare canadian paper money, asian paper money and pokemon cards. In his spare time he enjoys traveling and fishing. 

Jessie Karisik-Vice President

Previous to joining Karisik Auctions Jessie was a successful painting contractor in Burnaby BC.

After joining his son in the numismatic market and seeing its potential he decided to join Karisik auctions full time. Jessie and Adem operate Karisik auctions and are constantly traveling coin shows across North America. He is a specialist in rare Asian and world banknotes. 

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