We are Western Canada’s largest buyers and sellers of rare paper money and deal in million of dollars worth of transactions every year. We buy and sell rare coins, paper money, TCG cards and other collectable items. Unlike other collectables dealers who simply buy outright we offer many services for our clients


~Every 4 months we hold auctions. Generally each auction sale has over half a million dollars in estimated value. We live stream our auction through video while offering phone, email, online and live bidding. We advertise our auction sales on PMG, Canadian Coins news, icollector and many other publications to get the most attention.

Please contact us for more information and consigning to one of our future auctions.


We offer free no obligation appraisals. Whether its a single item or a lifelong collection we have the expertise and financial resources to make a competative offer of any size. 


Our we are authorized dealers for NGC and PMG we can help you submit coins and paper money to them. We also consistantly send submissions into PCGS, PCGSbanknote, CGC and PSA for coin and card certification.


 If a collector is attempting to assemble a set or series of Coins, banknotes or TCG cards. We can help locate the missing items

and or give consultations about the buy and sell price to draw clients away from purchasing overpriced and overgraded examples.